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  • Sonnenaufgang in Berlin

    Menschen schauen sich auf dem Drachenberg den Sonnenaufgang über Berlin an.

  • Schlittenfahren am Drachenberg in Berlin

    Menschen fahren am Drachenberg mit Schlitten einen Hügel hinunter.

  • Drachenberg
  • Drachenberg

    Ein Paragleiter startet am frühen Abend auf dem Drachenberg im Licht der untergehenden Sonne in Richtung Tal.

The Drachenberg is located in Berlin's Grunewald forest. The small neighbour of the more famous Teufelsberg is a great vantage point and popular excursion destination.

Just like its neighbour, the Teufelsberg, the Drachenberg ("Kite Mountain") is an elevation consisting of rubble from the Second World War. The 99-metre-high elevation gets its name from the many Berliners who come here at weekends to fly kites.

The Drachenberg is much better suited for kite flying than the Teufelsberg because, although it is very green, there are no large trees on the plateau. This also makes the mountain a better lookout point. The Drachenberg is also popular with paragliders, who dare to jump from the plateau over the tops of the Grunewald.

Romantic Views

After climbing the 280 steps, starting from the car park on Teufelsseechaussee, visitors are rewarded with a sweeping view over Grunewald Forest and the Cold War listening station on the neighbouring hill. The Olympic Stadium and the TV Tower stand out against the Berlin skyline. When the sun sets in summer, it becomes romantic on Drachenberg: the sunset bathes Berlin in the most beautiful light. Even if the evening atmosphere is not exclusive - it is always beautiful.


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