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Düppel Museum Village

Museumsdorf Düppel

The Düppel Museum Village takes visitors back to the Middle Ages with a reconstructed medieval village complex.

On an area of about 40 acres, the Düppel Museum Village, which opened in 1975, attempts a reconstruction of the High Middle Ages around 1200. Today's museum village stands exactly where some peasants had actually lived more than 800 years ago.

Experience Historical Craftsmanship

The reconstructed dwellings and storage buildings, such as the granary, look amazingly real. Visitors can also be introduced to medieval handicraft techniques on site by the village volunteers. Take a detour to the blacksmith and experience a demonstration of medieval tools, cutlery and sword-making. Friends of medieval textile art should check out the board weaving workshop. Some medieval games are also on display and invite visitors to participate.

Endangered Species in the Düppel Museum Village

The Düppel de-domestication program deserves special attention. The Skudden, a breed of sheep threatened with extinction, and the Düppel grazing pig are being bred back at the museum village in order to preserve the species. Ancient crops are also cultivated at Düppel. The museum kitchen offers cold and warm dishes, cakes and coffee.

Address, Opening Hours and Contact Information

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Clauertstr. 11
14163 Berlin
+49 (0)30 24 002 162
Opening Hours
Saturday, Sunday and public holidays from 10 AM till 6 PM (Season 2023: March 18 - November 5)
The museum village is wheelchair accessible.
Admission Fee
€5, reduced €3, free for children under 18 years

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