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SpencerHill World

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    A man walks along the street Unter den Linden past a house façade in whose window drawings of the actor Bud Spencer, real name Carlo Pedersoli, can be seen.

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    The Italian actors Terence Hill (l) and Bud Spencer (r) in the successful Italo-Western comedy "Trinity Is Still My Name" (1971).

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    Italian actors Bud Spencer (l) and Terence Hill signal "thumbs up" during the screening of their film "Double Trouble" in the 50th broadcast of the TV show "Auf los geht's los" on 20 October 1984.

The SpencerHill World Museum celebrates the iconic duo Bud Spencer and Terrence Hill.

The museum opened in 2021 as the Bud Spencer Museum, which was primarily dedicated to the actor Carlo Pedersoli, known as Bud Spencer. Kind-hearted, jovial but with a neat right hook: Bud Spencer thrilled fans all over the world in his roles as "Hippo", "Flatfoot" or "Bulldozer". In particular, a veritable fan cult developed around his collaboration with fellow actor Mario Girotti, known as Terrence Hill. The museum was therefore expanded into SpencerHill World in 2024. The museum was built together with the Pedersoli and Hill families.

Highlights at the SpencerHill World

For the first time, the Bud Spencer Museum is showing exhibits from Carlo Pedersoli's private life as well as numerous props from Bud Spencer's film life. These include, for example, the red and yellow VW buggy from "Watch Out, We're Mad!" or the little ice cream cart with pistachio ice cream from "Odds and Evens". A special highlight is the life-size statue of the actor. Numerous exhibits relating to Terrence Hill will be added for the reopening as SpencerHill World.

Address, Opening Hours and Contact Information

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Unter den Linden 10
10117 Berlin
Currently closed. Reopening on February 17, 2024
(030) 715 559 96
Admission Fee
€ 15, reduced € 12

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