Beautiful old buildings, lots of greenery - that's what it's like to live in Alt-Treptow, which has long been considered an insider tip.

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    Recreational boats cruise the Spree River against the backdrop of the Elsen Bridge, TV Tower and the Treptowers in Rummelsburg Bay.
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    The Molecule Man is illuminated by the light of the rising sun in Berlin.
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    Treptow Harbor pier
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    The Soviet Memorial in Treptow Park with the statue of a Soviet soldier with a child and a broken swastika.
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    Spaziergänger im herbstllichen Treptower Park in Berlin.
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    Insel der Jugend
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    Spring in Treptow
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    Entrance to the Arena, a popular concert and event venue
  • Alt-Treptow© Franziska Delenk
    New building in Alt-Treptow
  • Alt-Treptow© Franziska Delenk
    Old buildings in Alt-Treptow
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    Vietnamese Embassy in Treptow
The northernmost part of the Alt-Treptow district is bordered by the Spree river, the Landwehr Canal, Harzer and Heidelberger Straße, the railroad line, and the outer limits of Treptow Park.

Residential Areas in Alt-Treptow

Alt-Treptow has changed from an industrial site to center for the service industry. The best example is the alliance office building, also called the Treptowers. Typical Berlin tenement buildings from the imperial era dominate the area, as they do in the adjacent Neukölln and Kreuzberg. Some areas feature a couple of additional 1920s buildings. Along the Landwehr Canal, there still area many industrial estates. Treptow also houses a large former barracks complex between Elsenstraße and Bouchéstraße, which is now the headquarters of the BKA. Around the Treptowers, there are also some new and modernized townhouses.

Molecule Man and Badeschiff

Right inside the river Spree stands the so-called Molecule Man stands. The metal sculpture created by American sculptor Jonathan Borofsky rises 30 meters out of the water. The location was chosen quite deliberately: at this point, the borders of the Treptow, Neukölln and Kreuzberg districts meet. Behind it anchors the Badeschiff, a floating public swimming pool. Guests can sunbathe in deck chairs on wooden platforms extending from the jetty, and a sandy beach has been heaped up on the shore. The bathing ship is operated by Arena Berlin.

Treptower Park

Treptower Park is the most important local recreation destination and has several attractions to offer. One of them is the Archenholdt Observatory with its giant telescope, which has a focal length of 21 meters. Events are regularly held here. Located right in the middle of Treptower Park, the Soviet Memorial is the largest monument to the fallen soldiers of the Red Army in Germany. Behind the monumental complex is the carp pond, which was once used for fish farming. Today, pike and tench swim in the water. Excursion steamboats depart from the harbor.

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Portrait of Treptow