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Portrait of Kreuzberg


Residential Areas & Infrastructure

Kreuzberg used to be one of the most diverse parts of Berlin, but rents have risen considerably over the last decade. The district is very centrally located and features excellent connections to public transport.  more

Kreuzberg 61

Kreuzberg 61

The neighborhood of Kreuzberg 61 is considered to be bourgeois, but it is also popular with artists and intellectuals. Bergmannstraße, Viktoriapark, and Graefekiez are located here.  more

Libeskind-Bau - Jüdisches Museum Berlin

Northwest Kreuzberg

The northwest of Kreuzberg is best known for Checkpoint Charlie, the former newspaper district, and its many renowned museums.  more

Ökomarkt auf dem Chamissoplatz

Kreuzberg: Useful Information

The most important addresses in Kreuzberg: schools, local authorities, hospitals, restaurants, leisure facilities and more.  more