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Northwest Kreuzberg

  • Kreuzberg - Nordwesten


  • Kreuzberg - Nordwesten


  • Kreuzberg - Nordwesten


  • Kreuzberg - Nordwesten


  • Libeskind-Bau - Jüdisches Museum Berlin

    The Berlin Jewish Museum

  • Martin-Gropius-Bau

    Martin Gropius Building

  • Belle-Alliance-Platz

    Belle-Alliance-Platz (now Mehringplatz)

The northwest of Kreuzberg is best known for Checkpoint Charlie, the former newspaper district, and its many renowned museums.

The northwest of Kreuzberg is made up of the areas around Südliche Friedrichstadt (the Zeitungsviertel or newspaper district), Mehringplatz, and Askanischer Platz.


Mehringplatz marks the beginning of Friedrichstraße. The original Mehringplatz in the northwest of Kreuzberg was completely destroyed during the Second World War. Later, social housing dominated here for a long time, and a neighbourhood management was established. These days, Mehringplatz is being redesigned and various initiatives to improve the residential environment are under way.


Adjacent to Mehringplatz is the neighborhood Südliche Friedrichstadt, also known as Zeitungsviertel (newspaper district). Many publishing and printing houses used to have their headquarters here. The area was heavily destroyed during the Second World War but the industry has not completely disappeared. The Axel Springer publishing house and the Federal Association of German Newspaper Publishers have their representative offices here. The central editorial office of the German news agency dpa and the publishing house of the local newspaper Berliner Zeitung are also located here. The Mosse House, the origin of the newspaper district, has been preserved and is now a listed building.

Jewish Museum and Checkpoint Charlie

The area is also home to many offices and museums, including the Martin Gropius Building and the Jewish Museum of Berlin. The famous Checkpoint Charlie is also located here.

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Portrait of Kreuzberg