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  • Ferris wheel Spreepark

    The old Ferris wheel in Spreepark

  • View of Spreepark

    The Ferris wheel on the site of the former GDR amusement park in Plänterwald.

  • Plänterwald pier

    Plänterwald pier

  • Plänterwald


  • Plänterwald

    Old building in Plänterwald

  • Plänterwald

    Apartment buildings in Plänterwald

  • Plänterwald


  • Plänterwald

    Old buildings near Treptower Park

  • Plänterwald

    Old building near Treptower Park

  • Plänterwald


Plänterwald is best known for Spreepark, an abandoned amusement park with dilapidated rides and crumbling dinosaur statues. However, Plänterwald is also a residential neighborhood with a number of stately old buildings.

The south side of Treptower Parks features stately villas and apartment buildings, including a couple of embassies. Some of the older buildings are renovated and supplemented by new buildings, almost all of which are modernized. People here live close to nature. The south of the district is dominated by allotment gardes.

Spreepark and Restaurant Eierhäuschen

The Plänterwald complements the Treptow Park as a recreational area. It is home to the Kulturpark Berlin, later called Spreepark. This former amusement park was closed in 2002. The area is not open to the public, but can be explored on a guided tour. In the immediate vicinity is the historic restaurant Eierhäuschen. It is currently being renovated.

Treptow City Hall and Schuckert-Höfe

Other notable buildings in Plänterwald are Treptow city hall on Neue Krugallee and the Schuckert-Höfe at Treptower Park. These industrial courtyards were built in the late 19th century by the former electrical company Schuckert & Co. In 1950, the print shop of the GDR trade union FDGB moved in and produced the newspaper "Tribüne" here. Today, the buildings are home to start-ups, agencies and other companies. The neo-Renaissance city hall now houses parts of the Treptow-Köpenick district office.

Plänterwald Run and Triathlon

There are two large sporting events in Plänterwald: the Berlin Triathlon and the annual Plänterwald Run. Both events' courses lead through and along the forest and attract many athletes and spectators every year. Those who are looking for a more relaxed pastime can also simply enjoy a quiet walk through the forest. The riverside path directly on the banks of the Spree offers great views of the water, Rummelsburg, and the Stralau peninsula.

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Portrait of Treptow