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  • Johannisthal

    Residential street in Johannisthal

  • Johannisthal

    New single-family homes at the former airfield

  • Johannisthal

    Houses in Johannisthal

  • Johannisthal

    Apartment buildings on Königsheideweg

Air travel history was once being written in Johannisthal. These days, you can live on the former airfield site or explore the surrounding flora and fauna.

The district of Johannisthal is bordered by the Berlin-Görlitz railway, the outer limits of Königsheide, the waterworks, the city highway, and Hermann-Dorner-Allee. Loosely built-up neighborhoods with small-town flair are characteristic of the area. The Königsheide forest is used for local recreation.

Eisenbahnsiedlung and Komponistenviertel

In the northeast on both sides of Sterndamm, there are old buildings as well as former workers' estates, mostly dating from the 1920s. One example is the Eisenbahnsiedlung (railroad workers' housing estate) on Friedrich-List-Straße and Hagedornstraße. In the surrounding area is the listed Kolonialbeamtensiedlung (colonial officials' estate) at Am Alten Fenn and Breiten Weg. It dates from 1919 to 1925 and was designed by Bruno Ahrends. South of it is Alt-Johannisthal on Winckelmannstraße and the Komponistenviertel (Composers' Quarter) around Fielitzstraße.

Johannisthal Airfield

The southeast of the area is dominated by the former Johannisthal airfield, the cradle of engine-powered flight in Germany. Once, the Jofa-Atelier film studios were also located here in a double hangar of the old aircraft plant. Among other things, the studio recordings for the classic horror movie "Nosferatu" by Murnau were made there. After the war, the studios were used by DEFA and GDR television. Today, the site is a landscape park and the neww green center between Johannisthal and Adlershof. The rest has been and will be built on. A total of 1800 apartments are planned to be built here by the year 2025.

Johannisthal-South and Schliemannsiedlung

In the south of the area, in addition to the Johannisthal-South settlement around Springbornstraße there is also the Schliemannsiedlung, a housing estate that could only be entered with a pass because of its proximity to the Wall in GDR times. Since then, the houses have been rebuilt and new ones have been added.

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