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Treptow: Residential Areas & Infrastructure

Because of the proximity to the eastern city center and many of Berlin's most famous nightclubs, more and more young people choose Treptow as their home. The many green spaces make this district a pleasant place to live.

Residential Areas

The area north of the Teltow Canal is dominated by old buildings. South of the canal, you will find more single-family and terraced houses - especially in Altglienicke and Bohnsdorf. The district offers a lot of greenery with numerous tree-lined streets, especially in Plänterwald and Baumschulenweg.


Treptow is located in the southeast of Berlin and stretches along the Berlin-Görlitz railway.

Public Transport

Treptow is well connected to public transport, with the Berlin-Görlitz railway running across the district. The district is served by the city train lines S47, S45, S46, S8, S85 and S9, as well as numerous bus lines.

Traffic Axes

The main traffic axes in Treptow are Adlergestell (the B96a), Sterndamm, Dörpfeldstraße, Schnellerstraße/Oberspreestraße, Baumschulenstraße, Schönefelder Chaussee, and Waltersdorfer Straße.

Last edited: 21 June 2021

Portrait of Treptow