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  • Gartenstadt Falkenberg in Berlin

    Unesco World Heritage: Falkenberg in Berlin

  • Gartenstadt Falkenberg

    Gartenstadt Falkenberg in Bohnsdorf

  • Bohnsdorf

    New city housing Am Gartenstadtweg

  • Bohnsdorf - Gartenstadt Falkenberg


  • Buntzelberg in Bohnsdorf


This quiet part of southeastern Berlin hides a real gem amidst its terraced and single-family houses: the listed housing estate Tuschkastensiedlung.

Bohnsdorf has a similarly quiet character as Altglienicke and is bordered by Straße Am Seegraben, the state of Brandenburg, and Adlergestell. Bohnsdorf includes the neighborhoods Falkenberg and Falkenhorst.

BER Airport and Village Greens

A small part of BER Airport is located on Bohnsdorf territory. In this western part of the neighborhood, single-family houses and terraced housing estates dominate. The listed ensemble of the village green with its manor houses, stables, barns, and village church is a reminder of times gone by. In the center lies the small village pond.

Gartenstadt Falkenberg

Gartenstadt Falkenberg - the oldest of Berlin's six Unesco World Heritage Sites - was built in 1913 based on the designs of architect Bruno Taut. It has a hillside location and is situated around the Akazienhof, near Grünau S-Bahn station. It is also called Tuschkastensiedlung (Paintbox Estate) because of its colorful facades. Originally, 1500 apartments for 7000 people were to be built here. In the end, only 127 were realized - money problems and the First World War stopped construction activity. Today, the buildings are listed as historical monuments.


The garden city takes its name from the Falkenberg, an elevation about 60 meters high. Known locally as Buntzelberg, the hill is home to a ranch. The annual Bohnsdorf Easter bonfire is held here. The south side of the slope is home to the Hedwigshöhe Hospital. In the west, a lot of construction has been and is still going on. Hundreds of apartments are being added, but new single-family homes also have their place.

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