Adlershof features a hodgepodge of housing developments. At the same time, the district is a science and media hotspot that attracts more and more young people to the southeast of Berlin.

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    Houses in Adlershof
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    New buildings am Arndtplatz
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    Terraced houses in Adlershof
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    Old building in Adlershof
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    Housing estate in Adlershof
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    The grounds of the Adlershof Science Park seen from the air
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    Center for Photonics and Optical Technologies in Adlershof
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    A facade of the student housing in Adlershof.
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    The Media Window building in Berlin-Adlershof. The 153 microapartments in it are designed to meet the needs of students and scientists.
The neighborhood of Berlin-Adlershof is bordered by Hermann-Dorner-Allee in the east, the outer boundary of Köllnische Heide, the regional railroad line in the east, and the Teltow Canal in the south. In a few places, Adlershof still has a suburban character with old trees, front gardens and leafy courtyards. In addition to numerous residential buildings, there are old buildings, some of which are still unrenovated, but also new buildings with generously proportioned windows. Most of the buildings are two to four stories high, some of them have been somewhat elevated.

Science Location Adlershof

In GDR times, Adlershof was a science and television location; today, this tradition is being revived with the City of Science, Business and Media (WISTA). In addition to various facilities and companies for science, technology and media, there is also the science campus of the Humboldt University. During the day the area is quite lively, although in the evenings and on weekends it gets very quiet despite the new student housing.


The railway tracks of the S-Bahn divide Adlershof. Adlershof-Nord, which is north of Dörpfeldstraße, comprises the green Wendenheide neighborhood and the Gagfah housing estate, which was built in the early 1930s in the Taut style as an estate of terraced houses with small gardens and is located near Adlergestell. In addition, further housing estates were added in the 1960s between the Gagfah estate and Köllnischer Heide and on Zinsgutstraße.


Adlershof-Süd, south of Dörpfeldstraße, is home to the Bauhaus-style Werner Berndt housing estate around Nipkowstraße and Adlergestell. It features front gardens and green courtyard areas. The north and south parts of Adlershof are connected by a small market square with a lion fountain and an old community school.

Johannisthal Airfield

The former Johannisthal airfield, which is located on both Adlershof and Johannisthal territory, has been cleared for redevelopment. Residential buildings have been built there, but also commercial businesses and the Johannisthal Landscape Park. The core area of the park was designated as a nature reserve. Cattle and sheep graze in some areas. A soccer field, dirt bike track and roller rink for skaters have been added for recreational purposes, while a circular path invites you to observe flora and fauna.

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