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  • Kosmosviertel Berlin

    Kosmosviertel Berlin-Altglienicke

  • Kosmosviertel Berlin

    Kosmosviertel Berlin-Altglienicke

  • Venusstraße in Altglienicke

    Venusstraße in Altglienicke

Altglienicke is a quiet and mainly residential neighbordhood. Single-family homes and terraced houses dominate the picture. The main landmark is the water tower.

The Berlin neighborhood of Altglienicke is located south of the Teltow Canal and is bordered by the city highway, Straße am Seegraben, and Adlergestell. Altglienicke is quiet and thus more suitable for those in search of tranquility than for partygoers. The area mainly features housing estates and single-family houses.

Kosmosviertel and Kölner Viertel

In the direction of Falkenberg there are several housing estates and a new prefabricated housing area near Falkenhöhe. The latter was built in the late 1980s on former fields. It comprises the Kosmosviertel on Schönefelder Chaussee with its buildings of varying heights, the Kölner Viertel near Wegedornstraße, which was built in the 1990s, the Ärztinnenviertel, and the Anne-Frank-Carré.

Spreetal, Altglienicker Höhe and Gagfah Estate

Spreetal in the northeast of the district serves mainly for residential use next to allotment gardens. In Altglienicker Höhe, terraced houses were newly built on Kasperstraße next to existing housing estates. The Altglienicker Grund offers the counterpart by height differences of the two settlements. There are also the housing estates Grüneck, Sachsenberg, and the Gagfah housing estate from the 1930s, which was built as a home for white-collar workers.

Village Center, Water Tower and Armin Mueller-Stahl

The old village center of Altglienicke, around the parish church, is still recognizable today. The houses are low, the streets narrow. The Altglienicke water tower is the landmark of the neighborhood and visible from afar. The tower is currently being renovated and apartments should soon be built in it. Altglienicke's most famous son is the German actor Armin Mueller-Stahl, who lived here for some time.

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