Berlin Events in August

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Berlin Events in August 2021

Highlights of the Berlin culture programme in August, including exhibitions, trade fairs, concerts, festivals and more.
Potsdamer Schlössernacht
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Potsdam Palace Night

Date not announced yet

In summer each year, the parks and palaces of Sanssouci in Potsdam celebrate the bygone pomp and glory of the Prussian Kings. more

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Berlin Freedom Dinner

07 August 2021

Berliners can say goodbye to "their" Tegel Airport and at the same time celebrate a festival of joie de vivre in the midst of difficult times. more

The Bode Museum at the Long Night of Museums
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Long Night of Museums

27 August 2022

Once a year museums in Berlin open their doors and welcome visitors to the Long Night of Museums. Alongside the permanent exhibitions, artistic performances are on display until early in the morning. more

Magicum Berlin
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Magicum, Berlin Magic Museum - unique, interactive, magical!

Gods, angels, magicians, alchemists, sorcery and illusions - the mysterious world of the inexplicable. Make water dance, discover magical thinking, play the game of illusions, leave logic at our doorstep, come in and delve into the world of magic and fascinating alternate realities and and and… more

Musikfest Berlin
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Musikfest Berlin (Music Festival Berlin)

28 august - 20 september 2021

The Musikfest marks the beginning of the concert season in Berlin. During the festival, some of the best orchestras in the world perform in concert halls all over the city. more

Citadel Music Festival
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Citadel Music Festival

May, June, July, August, September 2021

Every summer, the Citadel Music Festival stages a series of rock, pop and electronic music concerts at an amazing location, the citadel in Berlin-Spandau. more

Carnival of Cultures in Berlin-Kreuzberg
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Carnival of Cultures

03 - 06 june 2022

For four days around Pentecost, Berlin celebrates its cultural diversity at the Carnival of Cultures. The festival culminates in a colourful street parade with music and dance on Pentecost Sunday. more

Berlin Biennale: ExRotaprint
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Berlin Biennale

Date not announced yet

Held every other year, the Berlin Biennale turns various locations in the city into galleries for contemporary art. more

Young Euro Classic
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Young Euro Classic

5 - 21 august 2022

Young Euro Classic is a festival specifically created for symphonic youth orchestras. The concerts are held at the Konzerthaus at Gendarmenmarkt and focus on classical and contemporary music. more

Tanz im August 2021 (4)
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Dance in August

Date not announced yet

Dance in August in Berlin is one of the most important dance festivals in Europe. It focuses on contemporary dance and experimental choreographies performed by accomplished dancers from all over the world. more

Angela Merkel
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German Federal Government open day

Date not announced yet

For one weekend in the year major political institutions in Berlin's government quarter open theirs doors to the public - among them the Federal Chancellery. more

Pop Kultur 2021
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25 - 27 August 2021

During the three-day festival, musicians, artists and business people turn the Kulturbrauerei into a music hub. more

Zug der Liebe
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Zug der Liebe

Date not announced yet

The central goal of the demonstration «Zug der Liebe» is the protest for more compassion, more charity and social commitment. more

German-American Folk Festival
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German-American Folk Festival

Date not announced yet

The German-American folk festival celebrates the friendship between the two countries and the American way of life. more

Holi Festival Of Colours in Berlin
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Holi Festival Of Colours

28 August 2021

The Holi Festival of Colours has made its way to Berlin. As a celebration of summer, people colour each other with dry powder. more