30 & 31 August 2019

The Pyronale is a fireworks competition at which international teams try to win the jury's and audience's support with their spectacular pyrotechnics displays.

Pyronale Fireworks Championship

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Once every year, pyrotechnicians from countries all over Europe take over the Maifeld at the Berlin Olympic Stadium and present their craft. The well-practised teams create elaborate fireworks with breathtaking effects in the attempt to win the Pyronale trophy and the public's favor.

Live voting by the audience

A jury of experts and celebrities determine the champion of the Pyronale. The winning team receives the prize cup, and on both Pyronale days, the audience can act as a jury too and vote for their favourite fireworks display of the evening.

Competitions at the Pyronale

The competition includes an obligatory programme and a freestyle programme. For the obligatory part the teams have to create two shows, one with music and one without. The choice of colours for the display with music is left to the contestants, the colours for the one without is predetermined by the organisers. The freestyle part allows the teams to set up a show on their own.

Maifeld on the map

Glockenturmstraße 1
14053 Berlin
Opening Hours
Friday, 30 August and Saturday, 31. August 2019
Useful hints
The Fireworks are displayed at the Maifeld near the Berlin Olympic Stadium.

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Photo Galleries (in German)

  • Feuerwerksspektakel "Pyronale"© dpa
    Pyronale 2017
  • Pyronale 2016© dpa
    Pyronale 2016
  • Pyronale 2014 (Aufbau)© dpa
    Pyronale 2014 (Aufbau)
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