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Volksfest 2023 (11)

The Schollenfest in Berlin-Tegel offers family fun for young and old visitors amid the residential area "Freie Scholle".

The Schollenfest on Waidmannsluster Damm in Tegel is the oldest folk festival in Berlin. It offers family fun for visitors of all ages.

Carousels and Bumper Cars

Various attraction await visitor of this year's Schollenfest. You can take a spin on the historic chain carousel, drive the bumper cars, try your luck at the raffle or test your accuracy at darts. For the younger guests, children's carousels and duck fishing offer cheerful fun. Numerous snack stands and a beer garden make sure nobody goes hungry or thirsty. Every Wednesday, visitors can take advantage of reduced prices.

At a Glance

Schollenfest 2024
Waidmannsluster Damm
23 August 2024
8 September 2024
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Waidmannsluster Damm
13509 Berlin

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