Attractive locations

Attractive locations

Investors and companies looking for a new location will find some truly attractive properties in Berlin at conditions often much more favourable than in most other major European cities.

Potsdamer Platz

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Technology parks and incubators

Technology parks and incubators offer first-class business premises, especially to start-ups. These are characterised by:

  • shared infrastructure
  • supportive consulting and coaching offers
  • close networks between science and industry
  • various cooperation offers
  • good connections to transport
One of the most successful locations for high technology in Germany and Berlin's largest media location is the Berlin Adlershof Science and Technology Park on the city's south-east side. Campus Berlin-Buch, on Berlin's north-east side, meanwhile, has dedicated itself to healthcare.

Overview of Berlin technology parks and incubators

Innovation labs

Private investors and companies in Berlin also offer space for startups and innovative companies in innovation labs and digital hubs.

Overview of incubators/accelerators, digital hubs, and university labs


The State of Berlin has identified high-quality locations where the future is being created today. These are centrally located, inner-city commercial and industrial areas that support connections between residential and commercial space and offer proximity to science and industry-specific networks.

Overview of Berlin's Zukunftsorte

Co-working spaces

More than one hundred co-working spaces have been created in recent years in Berlin. They have made the capital the European pioneer of a new work culture and are an important part of the start-up ecosystem.

Overview of co-working spaces in Berlin

Location search support

With the Berlin Business Location Center (BLC), Berlin Partner offers a wide range of services to help companies and investors find the right property for their business:
Wirtschaftsatlas Berlin
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Berlin Economic Atlas

The Berlin Economic Atlas provides planning and infrastructure information about a selected location. Aerial imagery, 3-D buildings, industry, environmental and socio-structural information facilitate your location search. more

Your partner for finding the right property

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Berlin Partner for Business and Technology

Berlin Partner advises companies as they search for property and recommends and organises tours of potential locations. The services are bundled in Berlin Partner's Business Location Package.

Last edited: 20. July 2021