Transport, mobility, and logistics

Train is arriving at Berlin Central Station

Transport and mobility in their most varied forms are important drivers for the quality of life in Berlin and the city's economic growth and employment.

Berlin is working closely with the surrounding state of Brandenburg to develop efficient transport and mobility solutions that conserve resources and protect the climate. The joint Transport and Mobility Cluster covers such industries as automotive, railway technology, logistics, transport telematics, and aerospace engineering.

In addition to the constant evolution in modes of transport, the region is working hard on developing and implementing new technologies and trends such as electromobility. Networking opportunities form a foundation for further growth of the Cluster. They serve as a platform for members to develop specific projects. Berlin Partner for Business and Technology, Economic Development Agency Brandenburg, and the networks for such industries as automotive, aerospace, and logistics offer wide range of support services.

In addition to the manufacturing companies, the Cluster also includes the major public transport service providers (Deutsche Bahn with S-Bahn Berlin, BVG, Verkehr in Potsdam, etc.) and the freight forwarding and goods logistics sector. Some 230,000 people in the capital region work in the transport, mobility, and logistics industries.

(Source: Berlin Business Location Center, 2023)

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