Industry-specific information

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The mix of industrial companies with a long history, a strong SME sector, and young start-ups ensures dynamic growth in the German capital.

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With around 360 medical technology and 280 biotechnology companies, 35 pharmaceutical companies and more than 145 clinics, Berlin is one of the most important life science locations in Germany. Healthcare

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Transport, mobility, and logistics

Berlin's central location in the heart of Europe makes it ideal for companies offering modern transport technologies. Transport system technology is therefore a key sector for Berlin with potential for growth and employment. Transport, mobility, and logistics

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Energy technology

Numerous companies and research institutions are working together in Berlin and Brandenburg on solutions for energy technology issues. Research institutions and universities are conducting first-class research and teaching in all areas of energy technology. Energy technology



Photonics and microsystems technology are important cross-sectional technologies that are driving numerous innovations. In Berlin-Brandenburg there are over 400 companies whose core business includes optical technologies or microsystems technology. Photonics

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Manufacturing industries

Berlin is a modern industrial location and offers attractive conditions for companies looking to set up production here with its good mix of future technologies and traditional industries. Manufacturing industries

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Service economy

The service sector is the one with the highest growth rate in Berlin. Berlin offers service companies the advantage of a large local market with around 3.7 million consumers. Service economy

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