Arrival: Important information for refugees from Ukraine

Brandenburger Tor

Berlin welcomes you! Below you will find the most important information on entering Germany, residence status and assistance available to you.

The essentials:

  • People who had to flee Ukraine are allowed to enter Germany without a visa and they are allowed to stay in the Federal Republic without a visa for a limited period of time. This applies both to Ukrainian citizens and to people of other nationalities who were in Ukraine on 24 February 2022 and fled.
    If you have currently been in Germany without a visa for more than 90 days, you must register and apply for a residence permit by 31 August 2022. While you are waiting for your application to be approved or rejected you may work and apply for social benefits.
  • Ukrainian refugees can be granted war refugee status throughout the EU. For this you should report first to the Arrival Centre at Tegel Airport.
  • At the Arrival Centre in Tegel, refugees are distributed among the federal states. This means that you can be sent from Berlin to another federal state. If you are distributed to another federal state, you can register and apply for benefits there. If you have relatives in Berlin, you will usually be allowed to stay. If you identify as trans* or inter*, then you will be assigned to Berlin. Here you can find the contact points for LGBTI refugees.
  • If you are assigned to Berlin and are registered as a war refugee in Berlin, you can apply for your temporary residence permit. You can do this in an online procedure. You can access the online application here. You have to be registered in Berlin to complete the online application.
  • After you have filled out the online application for a residence permit, you are allowed to work. You are entitled to all rights and duties under German labour law. You can also apply for social benefits. Depending on your situation, another office is responsible for this.

The regulations in detail

Ankunftszentrum: Arrival Center for Asylum Seekers

Arriving: the most important steps

After arriving in Germany, several steps are necessary for refugees from Ukraine to be able to find accommodation and begin working. The following graphic gives an overview of the process. More information

Geflüchtete Kinder

Attending nursery and school

Information on the reception, accommodation and emergency care of refugee children and young people arriving in Berlin without their parents or guardians. Attending nursery and school

Hundehalter an der ukrainischen Grenze

Information for Ukrainian refugees with animals

Equipment, food and veterinary care: several institutions in Berlin offer free support for pet owners from Ukraine. More information

Alltag in Berlin

Everyday life: Practical tips and cost-free services

This practical information will enable you to manage better in German everyday life. Many institutions in Berlin offer cost-free services for refugees from Ukraine. More information

Contact points


Contact points for victims of discrimination

In Berlin, no one should be disadvantaged or discriminated against because of their background, gender, age, sexual identity, disabilities, religion or ideology. Refugees do not have to accept discrimination under any circumstances. More information

Gewalt gegen Frauen

Contact points and services for women

Berlin is committed to gender equality and the equal participation of all women in all areas of society, irrespective of their religion, origin or migration or refugee status. More information

Regenbogenflagge in Berlin

Contact points for LGBTI refugees

Berlin is rainbow city and supports LGBTI refugees along with many projects and institutions. LGBTI refugees can get support at at lot of contact points in the city. More information

Geflüchtete im Rollstuhl

Information for refugees with disabilities

Information on the Disability Card, how a disability is determined in Germany and special driving service for people with disabilities. More information

Further information


Daycare, school and education

Berlin supports you and your children with numerous offers: Information on daycare, school and education. More information

Willkommenszentrum Berlin

Counselling Service at the Welcome Centre

The Welcome Centre, the advisory centre of the Commissioner of the Berlin Senate for Integration and Migration, supports you in matters of legal or social counselling and other questions concerning arrival and residence. Counselling is offered in several languages. More information

Beratung im Callcenter

Migration advice center for adult immigrants

If you need advice, for example on the registration of your children for school, attending a German course or looking for a job, contact a migration advice center for adult immigrants (MBE). More information


Services of Berlin Districts

Here is an overview of the services and contact points of Berlin districts for refugees from Ukraine. More information