Arriving: the most important steps

After arriving in Germany, several steps are necessary for refugees from Ukraine to be able to find accommodation and begin working. The following graphic gives an overview of the process.

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Before arrival

It is recommended that you take the originals of valid travel documents, Ukrainian residence permits, certificates of marriage and birth, and other important documents, especially if you do not have a Ukrainian passport. If you do not have all necessary documents with you (e.g., passport), however, you can still enter the EU.

Arrival Centre for Jewish refugees from Ukraine: The Jewish Community of Berlin has set up an arrival centre for Jewish refugees from Ukraine in their community centre at Fasanenstraße 79/89, 10623 Berlin.

Arrival Centre Berlin TXL

Here you can obtain information about the further process, get food and drinks, see a doctor and find short-term accommodation. Interpreters are available on site.

Refugees arriving in Berlin receive an allocation decision from the State Office for Refugees (LAF). An allocation decision means that refugees are assigned to the various states across Germany. After being allocated to a state, all refugees have the possibility to request a residence permit and social services, including health insurance, in the state to which they were allocated. Refugees who can show proof of particular ties to Berlin, who have family ties in Berlin or who have a landlord certificate (Wohnungsgeberbestätigung) are allocated to Berlin. If you have a trans* or inter* identity, then you will be allocated to Berlin. You can have a letter issued by the following LGBTQIA+ organisations: Quarteera e.V. and Schwulenberatung e. V.

If you have been allocated to another German state, then you will travel to the arrival centre in that state.

If you are allocated to Berlin, then you will be registered at the Arrival Centre Berlin. If you do not have accommodation in Berlin, you will receive temporary accommodation and meals and will receive a spot in Berlin’s state housing.

Staying in Berlin

Further information

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Arrival: Important information for refugees from Ukraine

Berlin welcomes you! Below you will find the most important information on entering Germany, residence status and assistance available to you. More information

Willkommen am Hauptbahnhof

Entry: Arriving in Germany, entry rules, onward journey

All people who were in Ukraine on 24 February 2022 are allowed to enter Germany without a visa and to stay on German territory. You do not need a biometric passport or Schengen visa to come to Germany and Berlin. More information