Information for Refugees from Ukraine

  • Antrag am Laptop

    Online Application for Residence Permits

    Refugees with permanent accommodation in Berlin can now apply for this residence permit online.

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  • First Days in Berlin

    Information on accommodation and support during your first days in Berlin.

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  • Medical Care

    Information on your right to medical care, the electronic health card and the current Corona situation in Berlin.

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  • FAQ

    Information from Berlin Immigration Office on the online application and right of residence for refugees from Ukraine.

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Ankunftszentrum: Arrival Center for Asylum Seekers

Arriving: the most important steps

After arriving in Germany, several steps are necessary for refugees from Ukraine to be able to find accommodation and begin working. The following graphic gives an overview of the process. Arriving: the most important steps

Regenbogenflagge in Berlin

Contact Points for LGBTI Refugees

Berlin is rainbow city and supports LGBTI refugees along with many projects and institutions. LGBTI refugees can get support at at lot of contact points throughout the city. Contact Points for LGBTI Refugees

Geflüchtete im Rollstuhl

Information for Refugees with Disabilities

In Germany, people who have a severe disability can apply for a Disability Card. The Disability Card will enable you to get help in various areas of daily life. A Ukrainian Disability Card is not valid in Germany. Information for Refugees with Disabilities


The central service number has been disconnected. If you have any questions, please use the email address to contact the State Office for Refugee Affairs. You can find information on various topics on this website, or you can also directly contact the agencies responsible for the issues.