We offer regular office hours at our three main locations where you can
contact us by phone or personally, ask questions about our lessons and
register for them (outside of the holiday season).

Download forms

You can download, print, fill in the subsequent forms and send them to the
music school by email, fax or postal. Please note the data privacy

Registration for music school lessons (in German)

PDF-Document (55.7 kB)

Application for a fee reduction (in German)

PDF-Document (40.0 kB)

Important information about the fee reduction (in German)

PDF-Document (31.8 kB)

Request for a refund (in German)

PDF-Document (31.3 kB)

Application for a change of contract (in German)

PDF-Document (36.4 kB)

Data privacy statement for the use of contact or registration forms or when sending an email

If you send us an email or a message using the contact form, we will only
collect, save and process your data as much as it is necessary for
processing your enquiries and for correspondence with you. We treat your
data in accordance with data protection laws and generally take the
greatest possible precautions for their security. We would like to point
out that when e-mails are sent, data transmissions with the Internet are
insecure and the data could in theory be read by unauthorized persons or
even falsified. The email addresses for contact, provided by the
Landesredaktion, are unfortunately not yet able to work with a
digital signature for emails.

For more information about this subject, please read the General Data Protection Declaration of (zur Datenschutzbestimmung)