IT, media, and creative industries

IT, media, and creative industries

Berlin is one of the leading locations for IT and communications technology in Germany.

Medien und Kreativwirtschaft

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In addition, the capital is unique in Germany for its culture industry and concentration of creative potential that attracts interest far beyond Germany's borders. The IT, communications, media, and creative industries are among Berlin's largest industries and are characterised by many highly specialised SMEs and a vibrant start-up scene.

Some 9,000 IT companies in the city employ nearly 114,000 Berliners and generate revenues of about €13.6 billion a year. Many large e-business firms have their headquarters or a branch in the capital region. The region offers the most job opportunities for IT and telecommunications professionals in Germany. A characteristic feature is the close networking with the media and creative industries, which generate annual sales of €23 billion with approx. 37,000 companies.

The mix of creative companies, technological expertise, and a highly productive university and research landscape has made Berlin the "Silicon Valley" of Germany. Start-ups and growth in the industry are supported in many ways. The capital is technology-friendly and policymakers in the city are open to innovative projects. The State's Projekt Zukunft coordinates the strategy for the cluster.

Last edited: 6. July 2020