Berlin as an Economic Center

Berlin as an Economic Center

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Berlin is not just Germany's political center, but is also among the most dynamic economic regions in Europe.

As a location, the capital region offers businesses and investors ideal conditions, such as well-developed infrastructure, an ultramodern telecommunications structure, a large number of qualified potential employees, as well as an excellent science and research community. Berlin's economic structure is diverse and is shaped by industrial firms with long traditions, strong SMEs and a dynamic service sector, as well as innovative high-tech businesses.

An additional important advantage is the geographically central and strategically advantageous location of the capital, which opens up access the important economic regions of Western and Eastern Europe. The capital's new airport, BER, as well as Europe's largest and most modern rail interchange station ensure optimal connections.

Future Industries and Clusters

The capital region is among the most innovative regions in Europe and it takes a leading position in many key technologies. As a future-orientated location, Berlin intensively promotes new fields of technology. These include information and communication technologies, optics and microsystem technology, as well as the area of life sciences. Berlin is leading the way in the area of clean technologies and is among the regions with the highest concentration of environmental businesses, research institutes and employees in Germany.
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Berlin – A region of growth with a future

Berlin together form the German capital region, one of Europe's most dynamic market areas. The central goal of Berlin's economic policy is to steadily improve the general conditions for entrepreneurial activities. more