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  • F21 Schmöckwitz-Krampenburg ferry

    F21 Schmöckwitz - Krampenburg ferry

  • Hertzog mansion

    Hertzog mansion

Schmöckwitz in the far southeast of Berlin is surrounded by water and forest, making it a popular recreational destination.

The small district of Schmöckwitz forms the southernmost point of Berlin. It is surrounded by forest and the lakes Langener See and Seddinsee. On the border to Brandenburg are the lakes of Krossinsee, Zeuthener See and Großer Zug.

Marina, Camping and Lido

The proximity to water shapes life in the district of Schmöckwitz, especially on weekends and during the summer holiday season. Then, numerous sailing and motor boats cross the waters. The Schmöckwitz marina is located on Lange See and offers berths for rental. On the river Dahme, not far from the Schmöckwitz bridge, the Schmöckwitz lido invites visitors for a swim. There are also several camping sites directly on the waterfront.


Schmöckwitz is quite sparsely populated, although existing gaps between buildings have been filled in recent years by high-quality single and multi-family homes. Most buildings were constructed on new building plots directly on the waterfront. The district can only be reached from Berlin via the Adlergestell or by tram. In the summer, a ferry connects Schmöckwitz with the Krampenburg peninsula, where large steamboats once docked.

Former Fishing Village Alt-Schmöckwitz

Alt-Schmöckwitz, a former Wendish fishing village, still has a village character. The area is under monumental protection. Other residential areas are the former villa districts of Karolinenhof on the southern shore of the Lange See, Rauchfangswerder, the southernmost settlement in Berlin situated between the lakes Zeuthener See and Großer Zug, as well as Schmöckwitzwerder and the settlement of Schmöckwitz.

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