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    New Venice

A former fishing village, today Rahnsdorf mainly consists of villas and single-family homes. The area around the shore of lake Müggelsee is popular with tourists.

Rahnsdorf is home to several protected historical monuments. These include Dorfanger and Dorfstraße, the Rahnsdorf S-Bahn station, the village church and the Müggelsee lido. Along the southern edge, the Müggelspree connects the two lakes Müggelsee and Dämeritzsee. In between, the river fans out into five smaller channels, which gave the area the name New Venice.

New Venice

New Venice is a residential area with many weekend homes, simple detached houses and a few old mansions. Almost all plots are waterfront properties. Many GDR functionaries had their weekend domicile here. The interconnected canals are spanned by small bridges, inviting visitors for a leisurely stroll through this extraordinary part of Berlin.

Former Villa District Hessenwinkel

The Triglaw Bridge connects the neighborhood of Hessenwinkel, a former climatic health resort on Lake Dämeritz, with an offshore island characterised by detached houses on spacious plots of land. In Hessenwinkel and Wilhelmshagen, a few old villas from the imperial era can be found. In recent years, new terraced and semi-detached houses have been built on a former military area.


Rahnsdorf is the easternmost district of Berlin. Even today it still lies relatively isolated in the densely wooded, water-adjacent southeast of the city. In the southwest, Rahnsdorf connects to the district of Müggelheim and in the east to the small town of Erkner, which already belongs to Brandenburg.

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