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Grünau is characterised by its idyllic location on the banks of the river Dahme. Once a popular recreational destination and then an exclusive residential suburb, the district's popularity with renters is steadily increasing.

After the fall of the Berlin wall, Grünau was somewhat forgotten. Consequently, there was a lot of vacancy and decay, but that has changed in recent years. Almost all old villas, country houses and apartment buildings have been beautifully renovated and found new residents.

Grünau Regatta Course and Lido

There are two famous places in Grünau: the regatta course and the Grünau lido. The 2000-metre long regatta course was the venue for the canoeing and rowing competitions of the 1936 Olympic Games and is the oldest sports facility in Berlin. Even today, regattas are still held here. From the sandy beach of the lido, the view over the water extends to Wendenschloss and the Müggelberge with the Müggelturm.

Society House and Riviera

The society house and the Grünau Riviera date back to the late 19th century and lie dormant ever since. On the property, which once also housed a restaurant as well as a ballroom, a senior citizens' facility is to be built that will incorporate the historical building fabric. Despite considerable damage to the society house caused by a fire in July of 2019, the investor is sticking to their plans.

New Residential Area on the Dahme

The villages of Grünau-West, Grünau-Ost and An der Regattastrecke belong to the district of Grünau. Here, a new settlement with rental apartments, condominiums and terraced houses is being created directly on the banks of the river Dahme. A 600-meter-long promenade along the banks is also planned.

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