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Köpenick: Residential Areas & Infrastructure

Köpenick - Old Town

Old Town Köpenick

Köpenick features many beautiful old buildings and renovated new buildings at medium rental prices. In the districts around lake Müggelsee, single-family homes dominate.

Residential Areas

In Friedrichshagen, resident live amidst the historical flair from the days of the emperor. In the Little Venice neighborhood of Rahnsdorf you can row from house to house by boat. Müggelheim, Schmöckwitz and Grünau boast many detached houses in idyllic locations. Oberschöneweide is currently experiencing an upswing as an industrial and cultural location. Here, apartments are available in the many old buildings of the area.


Köpenick is located in the southeast of Berlin. The district borders the state of Brandenburg to the south and east, Treptow to the west and Kaulsdorf and Mahlsdorf to the north.

Public Transport

There are two S-Bahn railway lines that go to Köpenick. The S8, S85 and S46 run from the Ring- or Stadtbahn south of the Müggelsees until Grünau. The S47 makes a turn in Schöneweide and goes to Spindlersfeld. North of lake Müggelsee, the S3 goes serves the stations of Köpenick, Friedrichshagen, Wilhelmshagen and Rahnsdorf and continues until Erkner. The districts is also served by buses and trams. Among them is the Uferbahn, one of the most beautiful tram lines in Berlin, which goes from Grünau to Schmöckwitz.

Transport Axes

The main traffic axes in Köpenick are Adlergestell/ Wernsdorfer Straße, Oberspreestraße/ Müggelheimer Damm, Müggelseedamm and Fürstenwalder Allee.

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Portrait of Köpenick