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European elections in June: Growing interest in postal voting


Monitors in the European Parliament display the slogan "Use your voice" to promote the upcoming European elections.

Interest in voting by post in the European elections has grown.

One month before election day on June 9, around 148,400 ballot papers have been issued for postal voters (as of Thursday), according to a request from the state election administration. This corresponds to 6 percent of the approximately 2.5 million eligible voters in Berlin. At the same time in the 2019 European elections, there were around 106,740 (4.3 percent). "That is a pleasingly high figure. It is becoming apparent that interest in postal voting has grown even more," said Stephan Bröchler, state election director, to the German Press Agency.

"Election campaign is picking up speed"

In Bröchler's view, there are various possible reasons for the greater interest in voting compared to 2019: "One explanatory factor is that the election campaign is picking up speed and this is also reflected in the number of postal votes requested," he said. "I also assume that there is a connection to the attacks on politicians and campaigners, that some people are saying: now more than ever."

Trend towards postal voting

The trend towards postal voting has been around for some time. The latest data from Berlin confirms this: "It shows that postal voting is on its way to becoming the norm," said Bröchler. However, there were problems in Berlin when applying for postal voting for the European elections. For example, the QR code printed on the election notifications, which can be used to apply for postal voting documents online, did not work at times, as the state election administration admitted at the beginning of last week.

Election notifications have been sent out since end of April

The election notifications for the European elections have been sent to around 2.5 million eligible voters in stages from April 30 to May 19. It is also possible to apply for postal voting documents without the QR code in question: this can be done online via a link, by means of an informal written application, by returning the completed election notification or in person at the district electoral office.

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Publication date: 14 May 2024
Last updated: 14 May 2024

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