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  • Old Town Köpenick

    Köpenick Old Town with Town Hall

  • Köpenick

    Tramway in the old town of Köpenick

  • Schlossplatzbrauerei Köpenick

    The Schlossplatz Brewery at Schlossplatz Köpenick in Berlin.

  • Köpenick Palace

    Köpenick Palace

  • Köpenick


  • Köpenick

    Pedal boat in Köpenick against the backdrop of the "Ars Vivendi" event ship

  • Köpenick

    Woodland in Köpenick in autumn

  • Spree in Köpenick

    River Spree in Köpenick in Winter

Köpenick occupies an island position, embedded between forest and water. The enchanting old town with its many restaurants, Köpenick Palace, and the old town hall attracts tourists and locals.

Köpenick Old Town

The old town of Köpenick has been thoroughly renovated in recent years: gaps between buildings have been closed, green and open spaces have been redesigned and street spaces have been structured in a more resident-friendly way. The neighborhood mostly consists of renovated two-storey buildings from the 18th and 19th century. Buildings are slightly taller in the streets around Köpenick Palace, but the whole area still has an inviting small-town feel. The high concentration of cafés, bars and restaurants make it a popular place for visitors, especially during the summer months.

Kietzer Vorstadt and Wendenschloß

East of the old town is the former fishing settlement Kietzer Vorstadt. The neighborhood still features many old the old single-storey fishermen's houses with their gable roofs, tucked between magnificent Wilhelminian style old buildings. At the southern end of Wendenschloßstraße, between the river Dahme and the small forest of Kämmereiheide, is the villa district Wendenschloß. Its buildings date back to the turn of the century and many of them stand on water properties. To the north is the settlement of Kietzer Feld. Its new buildings from the 1950s and 1960s have all been modernized.

Amtsfeld and Kämmereiheide

The northern part of Wendenschloßstraße features many newly constructed buildings. This is also the location of the Salvador Allende neighborhood, a high-rise housing estate from the 1970s that was expanded in the 1980s and has since been upgraded and renovated. Its buildings' inner courtyards are generously landscaped and the Kämmereiheide landscape conservation area is in the immediate vicinity. City villas and five-storey buildings have been built on the "Bullenacker" near the Müggelspree and Am Amtsgraben. Between the houses are allotment gardens and lots of greenery.

Sophisticated Living in the Dammvorstadt

North of the old town is the Dammvorstadt, a popular shopping area in Köpenick. The neighborhood is characterised by a high number of old buildings. Several new apartment buildings have been constructed in recent years, for example on the Krusenick peninsula south of Friedrichshagener Straße and around Lindenstraße. On the former site of the Kodak film factory on Friedrichshagener Straße, a number of upscale residential buildings have been constructed in recent years.

Living Close to Nature in Köpenick-North

Köpenick-North consists of the residential areas Dammfeld, Elsengrund, Uhlenhorst and Wolfsgarten. There is also the Märchenviertel, an area whose streets are named after popular German fairytales. All of these areas have the atmosphere of a garden city and are situated between two forests, Wuhlheide and Dammheide. The rest of the area is dominated by detached homes and apartment buildings.

Köllnische Vorstadt and Spindlersfeld

West of the old town lies the neighborhood Köllnische Vorstadt. Here, industry and new development areas from the 1970s and 1980s dominate on the western side. Spindlersfeld developed from a factory housing estate of an industrial laundry company. The workers' homes on Mentzelstraßse and Färberstraße - the Spindler buildings - now consitute a listed housing estate. They are surrounded by 1950s apartment buildings. More than 800 condos, lofts, townhouses and terraced houses are currently being built on the old factory site.

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Portrait of Köpenick