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  • Müggelheim - Ludwigshöhe

    Appelbacher Weg

  • Müggelheim


  • Müggelheim - Schönhorst


  • Müggelheim - Schönhorst


  • Müggelheim - Schönhorst

    Walloch island

  • Müggelheim - Schönhorst

    Am Walloch

  • Müggelheim - Schönhorst


Müggelheim is located on southeastern outskirts of Berlin, isolated by forest and water. Here you will find an almost village-like flair.

Müggelheim is located on the Köpenicker Werder between five bodies of water: the larger Müggelsee, Dämeritzsee, Seddinsee, the bay Große Krampe, and the river Dahme. The origins of the district date back to the 18th century, when a farming settlement founded in 1747 soon became a long stretched-out village. In the late 19th century, villas, restaurants and shops came to the village along with more vacationers and recreational traffic.

Müggelheim Village Green

The buildings around the old village green of Müggelheim are now listed as historical monuments. Characteristic for Müggelheim are not only the old farmhouses but also the detached houses from more recent times. Some roads here are still unpaved. South of the Müggelheim dam lies the residential park Ludwigshöhe. In the north-east lies the settlement of Schönhorst.

Forest, Water, Peace and Quiet

Müggelheim is a quiet and peaceful town. The area is surrounded by water and the woods of Köpenick forest. Theere is no railway connection here, the nearest S-Bahn station is Wilhelmshagen in Berlin-Rahnsdorf. From there, you can continue to Müggleheim by bus or ferry. The ferry F24 running from Rahnsdorf to Müggelheim is special: the crossing is done by rowing boat. The boat bears the beautiful name "Paule III".

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