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Fire in Berlin-Lichterfelde: Danger from smoke gases

Fires in Lichterfelde

Members of the Berlin fire department are on duty at a fire in Berlin-Lichterfelde.

A fire broke out in a factory in Berlin-Lichterfelde on Friday.

A technical room on the second floor of a factory building was "fully engulfed in flames", as a fire department spokesperson said in the morning. Chemicals were stored in the metal technology company. The aim was to measure whether there were any harmful substances in the air. Should this be the case, the fire department planned to inform the public via warning apps. According to the spokesperson, there were no injuries. All people were able to leave the area on their own. The fire department used extinguishing foam. The building could not be entered at first.

Berlin fire department warns of the spread of smoke

The Berlin fire department then warned citizens in the affected areas of the toxic fumes caused by the fire via the NINA warning app (emergency information and news app) at midday. People are asked to avoid the affected area and to close windows and doors and switch off ventilation and air conditioning systems.

Author: dpa/BerlinOnline/
Publication date: 3 May 2024
Last updated: 3 May 2024

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