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Parcel transport with solar ships: Project to be expanded

Pakettransport per Solarschiff

A solar ship of Deutsche Post's DHL sails into Berlin's Westhafen.

Logistics group DHL is extending the pilot project for parcel transport across the Spree River, which was launched in October, for at least another year.

DHL also plans to expand the route from Spandau to Westhafen by adding two more stops at Humboldthafen near Berlin Central Station and at Wikingerufer, a company statement said on Thursday. "In addition, by the end of the year all the conditions will be in place to establish a second route from Köpenick to Osthafen near Oberbaumbrücke with a second solar-powered ship," it said.

Solar ship delivers up to 350 packages per day

The parcel transport by solar ship across the Spree River started in October of 2022. Since then, according to DHL, up to 350 shipments a day have been delivered in the capital via this CO2-neutral route. By way of comparison, the Group delivers around 250,000 parcels per day in Berlin. The parcels transported by the 10.50-meter-long, 2.50-meter-wide ship first arrive by road at the Börnicke parcel center northwest of Berlin. From there, an emission-free truck takes the deliveries to the southern port of Spandau, where they are loaded onto the ship. They then continue across the Spree to the Westhafen. From there, delivery staff on electric cargo bikes take the parcels to recipients in the immediate vicinity.

Solar-powered packing stations to be installed

Together with Berlin's Senate Department for Urban Mobility, Transport, Climate Action and the Environment, DHL now wants to take the next step of setting up at least ten solar-powered packing stations at the solar ship's stopping points along the waterways, if possible. The approval process for this will begin in the next few months. Sven Goerke, head of the Berlin Parcel branch, stated that the progression of the sustainable parcel transport sector in the long term would depend on various factors - including future postal legislation. "We are very hopeful for viable framework conditions that will allow us to continue investing in Germany by Post and Parcel in the future, especially in the area of sustainability," Goerke said.

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Publication date: 25 August 2023
Last updated: 25 August 2023

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