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Draft for "Faster Construction Act" completed

Wohnungsbau in Berlin

After lengthy preparations, a first draft bill for the planned "Faster Construction Act" in Berlin is now ready.

Numerous associations and other stakeholders can now comment on it, as Senator Christian Gaebler (SPD) announced on Tuesday. They have two weeks to do so, after which changes to the draft are still possible before the Senate and House of Representatives deal with it. The aim of the project is to speed up construction projects, particularly in the housing sector, which often take several years to prepare and implement.

Faster planning and approval procedures

Among other things, planning and approval procedures are to be streamlined and standardized, certain review and processing deadlines introduced and responsibilities between state and district level more clearly regulated. The state level is to be given more influence over certain procedures. Another aim of the new regulations is to provide building owners with more reliable information about when planning permission can be expected so that they can plan better. In the case of large projects, all parties involved should come together at an early stage to coordinate and remove obstacles. More digitalization is also planned.

700 comments and suggestions from associations and districts

According to Gaebler, the comprehensive package to speed up construction comprises a total of 41 amendments to nine state laws and one statutory order. In addition, there are a further 69 measures below the legislative level. According to Gaebler, around 700 comments and suggestions from associations and districts were examined during the preparation of the draft bill. There was broad agreement: "It can't stay as it is at the moment." He believes that the law could also create a new departure in the administration and give housing construction a boost, said the Senator.

"Faster Construction Act" to come into force at the end of 2024n

The Senate is aiming for the "Faster Construction Act" to come into force at the end of 2024. The timetable envisages an initial Senate decision at the end of May or beginning of June after the so-called association participation. This will be followed by a referral to the Council of Mayors and then another Senate decision, probably during the summer break. The bill could then be submitted to the House of Representatives in mid-September.

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Publication date: 10 April 2024
Last updated: 10 April 2024