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Internet access for inmates expanded


In Berlin, inmates in three prisons can now surf the Internet.

Following the launch of a corresponding pilot project at the end of 2022 at the correctional facility for women in Lichtenberg, the Heidering correctional facility followed at the beginning of March, according to a statement from the Senate Department for Justice. At the beginning of April, the digital prison media system was also installed in the open prison on Robert-von-Ostertag-Straße. This means that around 790 prisoners currently have access to various online services. In total, there are currently around 3580 inmates in Berlin's seven prisons.

Preparation for life outside prison

Berlin wants to be the first German state to digitalize its prison system. The pilot project aims to prepare prisoners for life outside prison. Starting in June, inmates at Moabit Prison will also benefit. By the end of October, inmates at all prisons will be able to use the service. According to the Senate Department for Justice, this is intended to promote the independence and networking of the inmates.

Access to specific websites

Until now, prisoners and persons in preventive detention have been able to watch TV, listen to the radio and make phone calls. With the new service, they will be allowed to use Internet sites of media and professional educational services. For example, the system allows them to submit digital applications, use online games and access certain websites, such as the network of public libraries in Berlin or the Berlin city portal.

No access to social media platforms

Links to non-permissible sites are reportedly disabled - this includes social media platforms. Certain services as well as the provision of the devices and their maintenance are free of charge, according to the administration of justice. However, services such as video phone calls are subject to a charge.

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Publication date: 11 April 2023
Last updated: 11 April 2023

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