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Tierpark Friedrichsfelde Berlin

Portrait of Lichtenberg

Lichtenberg - Gebiet Frankfurter Allee Süd

District of Lichtenberg

The district of Lichtenberg is characterized by an architectural hodgepodge: a concrete high-rise next to an old 1920s building and a detached house is not unusual here.  more

Frühling in Lichtenberg


Fennpfuhl is the location of the first large prefabricated housing estate of the former East Berlin. It served as a prototype for the later constructions in Marzahn and Hohenschönhausen. However, Fennpfuhl also has many parks and green spaces.  more

Rummelsburger See (2)


Houses from the Wilhelminian period and industrial development determined the district of Rummelsburg for a long time. Today, the neighborhood features many new luxury residential buildings.  more

Häuser in Berlin-Friedrichsfelde


Friedrichsfelde is known for the zoo as well as for its many prefabricated high-rise buildings, most of which have been renovated. The old village center is still visible in some parts.  more

Karlshorst - Prinzenviertel


Because of its beautiful villas, Berlin-Karlshorst was once called the "Dahlem of the East". Today, many new residents flock to the area and many new building projects are under way.  more