A portrait of Lichtenberg: districts, residential areas, recreational tips

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Lichtenberg reveals its charm only at second glance - mostly hidden behind socialist Plattenbau architecture. The first large housing estate of prefabricated housing estates in East Berlin was built in the 1970s in the district of Fennpfuhl. This served as an "exercise" for the later settlements in Marzahn or Hohenschönhausen.

The district's many Plattenbauten are embedded in a lot of green, and in between them an architectural hotchpotch of old buildings and single-family homes is revealed. Still a little different is the villa colony Karlshorst, which is considered an attractive residential area in the east of Berlin.

Karlshorst is also home to the Karlshorst horse race track and in the adjacent Friedrichsfelde district of Berlin's second zoological garden, the Tierpark Berlin, which is the largest of its kind in Europe. Also worth seeing is the Research and Memorial Site in Normannenstraße, which once housed the Ministry for State Security.

The old district of Lichtenberg is divided into the districts Lichtenberg, Fennpfuhl, Karlshorst, Friedrichsfelde and Rummelsburg.

Portrait of Lichtenberg

Lichtenberg - Gebiet Frankfurter Allee Süd
© Franziska Delenk

Local district Lichtenberg

The district of Lichtenberg is characterized by an architectural hotchpotch: Plattenbauten next to old building next to detached house is not unusual here. more

Frühling in Lichtenberg
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Fennpfuhl is the location of the first large Plattenbau estate in East Berlin. It served as an experimental field for Marzahn and Hohenschönhausen. But the district also has green corners. more

Rummelsburger Bucht
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Houses from the Wilhelminian period and industrial development determined the district for a long time. Today Rummelsburg also has modern luxury residential buildings. more

Häuser in Berlin-Friedrichsfelde
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Friedrichsfelde is characterised by the zoo and by multi-storey, mostly renovated Plattenbau buildings. But also the old village centre is still visible. more

Karlshorst - Prinzenviertel
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Because of its pretty villas, Berlin-Karlshorst was once called the "Dahlem of the East". Today there is a lively influx and many new building projects. more

Rummelsburg - Wasserstadt Rummelsburg
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Lichtenberg: Useful information

The most important addresses in Lichtenberg: authorities, educational institutions, cinemas, restaurants and leisure facilities. more


  • Gustavo-Hochhaus in Berlin© dpa
  • Schloss Friedrichsfelde© Freunde Hauptstadtzoo
    Schloss Friedrichsfelde
  • Landschaftspark Herzberge© RN/BerlinOnline
    Landschaftspark Herzberge
  • Bemaltes Wohnhaus in Berlin-Lichtenberg© dpa
    Größtes bewohntes Wandbild der Welt