Tierpark Berlin

Tierpark Berlin

Tierpark Berlin is Berlin's second zoo after the Zoological Garden. Europe's largest landscape animal garden is located on the extensive grounds of the Friedrichsfelde Palace Park.

  • Tierpark Friedrichsfelde Berlin© dpa
  • Tierpark Friedrichsfelde Berlin© dpa
  • Tierpark Friedrichsfelde Berlin© dpa
Wild animals from all over the world live in Europe's largest landscape animal garden around Castle Friedrichsfelde. The landscape animal park with its wide enclosures and many animal houses stretches over an area of 160 hectares.

Unique species diversity in Berlin Zoo

The Teirpark was opened in July 1955 on the grounds of the Friedrichsfelde Palace Park. The zoologist Heinrich Dathe, who managed and expanded the zoo until 1990, took over the management. At the opening, visitors could observe around 400 animals in 120 species on an area of around 60 hectares. Today, the Friedrichsfelde Zoo is the largest landscape animal garden in Europe in terms of area, with around 8700 animals living here. Together with the Zoological Garden, Berlin's zoos are home to a diversity of species that is almost unique in the world.

Friedrichsfelde Castle in Tierpark Berlin

Castle (Schloss) Friedrichsfelde is located directly behind the entrance. It was built in 1695 by the Dutch marine director Benjamin Raulé, probably according to plans by the architect Johann Arnold Nering. After it had changed hands several times, the castle finally came into the hands of the von Treskow family at the beginning of the 19th century. They ran a farm on the estate and in 1821 had a garden laid out by Peter Joseph Lenné. The house survived the Second World War relatively unscathed and has been integrated into the zoo since 1955.


  • Regenwaldhaus im Tierpark (6)© dpa
    Tierpark: Rainforest world in the Alfred-Brehm-Haus
  • Tierpark Berlin© dpa
    Tierpark Friedrichsfelde
  • Eisbär-Nachwuchs© dpa
    Eisbärenbaby im Tierpark
  • Winter im Tierpark© dpa
    Winter im Tierpark
  • Rotbrust-Pavian© dpa
    Sommer im Tierpark



Elfriede-Tygör-Straße 6
10319 Berlin
Opening Hours
1. January to 27. February: 9 to 16.30
28. February to 26. March: 9 to 18
27. March to 24. September: 9 to 18.30
25. September to 29. Oktober: 9 to 18
30. Oktober to 31. Dezember: 9 to 16.30
Admission Fee
13 Euro, red. 9 Euro

Public transportation

Brandenburg Tor
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