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Lichtenberg: Residential Areas & Infrastructure

Mixed residential areas and good transport connections characterise the Berlin district of Lichtenberg.

Residential Areas

Lichtenberg offers a diverse mix of residential areas. The buildings are mainly old buildings for the 1920s or prefabricated concrete high-rises form the Soviet era of East Berlin, but there are also Wilhelminian style old buildings and luxurious new buildings as well as some villas.

In Lichtenberg, Fennpfuhl, and Friedrichsfelde, concrete apartment buildings dominate, with the occasional old building hidden in between. Many of the apartment buildings have been modernized and a lot of greenery has been planted in between, especially in the Friedrichsfelde neighborhood.

Karlshorst is a district of villas and detached houses. In Rummelsburg, you have the choice between Wilhelminian style old buildings and modern luxury apartments with a view of the Spree.


Lichtenberg is located in the east of Berlin, between the districts of Friedrichshain and Marzahn.

Public Transport

The district is well connected to public transport. It is served by a subway line (U5 from Hönow to Alexanderplatz), the Ringbahn in the west, and some city railway lines (S7 or S75 to Wartenberg and Ahrensfelde, S5 to Strausberg Nord, and S3 to Erkner). Furthermore, there is a well developed tram network as well as many buses. Lichtenberg also has a long-distance train station.

Traffic Axes

The main traffic axes in Lichtenberg are Landsberger Allee, Frankfurter Allee/Alt-Friedrichsfelde, Hauptstraße/Köpenicker Chaussee and Am Tierpark/Treskowallee.

Last edited: 13 July 2021

Portrait of Lichtenberg