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  • Lichtenberg - Gebiet Frankfurter Allee Süd


  • Lichtenberg - Gebiet Frankfurter Allee Süd


  • Lichtenberg - Alt-Lichtenberg


  • Lichtenberg - Alt-Lichtenberg


  • Lichtenberg - Alt-Lichtenberg

    Church St. Antonius & St. Shenouda

  • Vietnamesische Händler

    Dong Xuan Center

The district of Lichtenberg is characterized by an architectural hodgepodge: a concrete high-rise sitting next to an old 1920s building and a detached house is not an unusual sight here.

The local district of Lichtenberg - also called Alt-Lichtenberg - is bordered in the north by Storkower Straße, Vulkanstraße, and Landsberger Allee, and by Rhinstraße in the east. In the south and west, the tracks of the Berlin Ringbahn railway form the border.

Old Buildings, Detached Houses and the Dong Xuan Center

Lichtenberg is characterised by an eclectic mix of buildings. On Joseph-Orlop-Straße, you will find three- to six-storey new buildings as well as some old buildings. In the immediate vicinity, there are large industrial areas and administrative complexes around Siegfried- and Hertzbergstraße. This is also the location of the Dong Xuan Center, a huge Asian wholesale market. On Bornitzstraße, at the municipal cemetery Gotlindestraße, a new housing estate with single-family and semi-detached houses has been created.

Old Village Centre and Ring Center

Old buildings and 1920s buildings can be found around Rüdigerstraße. At the former village center Roedeliusplatz stands the church St. Antonius & St. Shenouda, formerly called Glaubenskirche.This area also features the huge building complex of the former Ministry of State Security of the GDR, where the tax office is located today. West of Möllendorffstraße is the city park (Parkaue) and many shopping facilities in two shopping malls, the Möllendorffpassagen and the Ring-Center.

Soviet Architecture in Lichtenberg-South

South of Frankfurter Allee, prefabricated concrete buildings dominate the picture. In the 1970s, the large housing estate Frankfurter Allee-Süd was built here, including the longest residential building in East Berlin at that time (350 metres). Some buildings from earlier times still exist here, too. The Mildred Harnack School on Schulze-Boysen-Straße is located inside a listed building from 1905. Some old residential buildings from the same era still exist here, too. The parish church St. Mauritius was consecrated in 1892 and makes for interesting visual contrast to the multi-storey buildings in the immediate vicinity.

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Portrait of Lichtenberg