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Air pollution in Berlin decreased last year


Air pollution in Berlin due to nitrogen dioxide and particulate matter (PM10) decreased last year.

According to preliminary data from the measuring stations, the air quality limit for both was fully complied with throughout Berlin, as the Senate Department for the Environment announced on Friday. This makes 2022 one of the years with the lowest air pollution since measurements began in the 1980s and 1990s.

Nitrogen dioxide pollution decreased at all traffic-related measuring stations

On average, nitrogen dioxide levels fell at all 40 traffic-related monitoring stations compared to 2021. "This is particularly remarkable because there was some increase in traffic volumes in 2022 after the pandemic-related decreases," it said.

Highest values on Mehringdamm and Spandauer Damm

Reasons for the decrease in pollution include driving bans for older diesel burners, the switch to electric buses and the establishment of 30 km/h speed zones and bicycle lanes. According to the Senate Department, the highest annual mean values for nitrogen dioxide were measured at Mehringdamm and Spandauer Damm. For particulate matter (PM10), the highest annual mean value was recorded on Silbersteinstraße. Here, extensive construction work on buildings contributed to the pollution.

Ozone pollution: limit values exceeded

In contrast, the limit values for ozone pollution were exceeded in Berlin in 2022. "For the irritant gas ozone, the pollution was significantly higher than in 2021," it said. Due to the very sunny and hot weather, the mean values in Friedrichshagen at Müggelsee, for example, were above the limit value on 27 days - the target value provides for a maximum of 25 exceedances. Ozone can lead to reduced lung function, inflammatory reactions in the respiratory tract and respiratory complaints in humans. Particulate matter and nitrogen dioxide can also lead to illnesses.

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Publication date: 17 February 2023
Last updated: 17 February 2023

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