Wheels lends out electric bicycles without pedals in the Berlin city area.


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Note: Wheels has withdrawn and no longer rents out vehicles in Berlin.
Wheels rents out e-bikes in Berlin according to the sharing principle. The vehicles with sustainable electric drive have a special feature: instead of pedals, riders place their feet on footrests. At least one moped driver's license is required to borrow a bike.


In order to rent Wheels Bikes vehicles, users must download the provider's free app and register with their personal data. A moped driver's license is required to rent a bike. After registration and activation, users can locate and reserve free vehicles via the app.

Lending, prices and return

In Berlin, the bikes can be found especially in the districts of Mitte, Kreuzberg and Prenzlauer Berg. If a suitable Wheels Bike is found in the vicinity, users can unlock it by scanning the QR code. A fee of one euro is charged for unlocking, after which each minute costs 20 cents. The e-bikes can be driven within the entire S-Bahn ring and parked again. The use of the sidewalks is prohibited - Wheels riders must ride on the street. One battery charge is enough for about 45 kilometers.
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Getting Around

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