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Cherry Blossoms in Berlin


Every spring a sea of pink cherry blossoms blooms in Berlin for a few days. Discover the places where you can admire the cherry blossoms and feel as if you were in Japan.

Cherry Trees on Maybachufer

One of the most central places for a walk under cherry blossoms is directly on the banks of the Landwehr Canal. Several cherry trees grow on the former border between Treptow and Neukölln. Getting there is quite easy: start at Görlitzer Park, cross the Lohmühlen Bridge and then walk south towards Maybachufer.

A Sea of Blossoms near Mauerpark

Near Mauerpark, an even longer cherry blossom avenue with 215 trees awaits visitors. Starting at Bornholmer Straße S-Bahn station, the border between the districts of Prenzlauer Berg and Wedding transforms into a pink canopy of blossoms every year. Further north, on the district border between Pankow and Wedding, there are another 120 cherry trees. They can be easily reached from Wollankstraße S-Bahn station by following the course of the railroad line in the direction of Pankow public park.

Hanami in the Gardens of the Word

In the Gardens of the World in Marzahn, there is an entire Japanese garden with 80 cherry trees. A Cherry Blossom Festival takes place here every year in mid-April. A walk through the three Asian gardens inside the Gardens of the World will help you find peace and Zen in the middle of the city.

Cherry Tree Avenues on the Outskirts of Berlin

Cherry blossoms in Berlin

Cherry blossoms on the former Wall strip between the Berlin districts of Lichterfelde and Teltow

On the Berlin Wall Trail in the former border area between West Berlin and the surrounding GDR, you can now revel in cherry blossoms for hundreds of meters: Between Lichterfelde-Süd and Teltow, over 1000 trees stand along the appropriately named TV Asahi Cherry Blossom Alley. Once a year, the longest cherry blossom avenue in Berlin and Brandenburg hosts a Hanami festival with picnics, Japanese food and a cultural program.

Blossoming Trees in Wartenberg

Another cluster of cherry trees is located on the outskirts of the district of Lichtenberg. Near the Wartenberg S-Bahn station, about 50 trees and shrubs in the Landscape Park on Hagenower Ring bloom every year.

Cherry Blossom Festivals in Berlin

Cherry Blossom Festival in the Gardens of the World

Cherry Blossom Festival in the Gardens of the World

The largest cherry blossom festival (15 and 16 April 2023) takes place annually in the Gardens of the World. Here you can marvel at dances and singing, drum art and other stage programmes, sample Asian delicacies and simply gaze at the dreamlike cherry blossoms. Not only the Japanese, but also the Chinese and Korean themed areas take part in the event.

At the Tree Blossom Festival "Britzer Baumblüte" (31 March to 16 April 2023) at Gutspark Britz, the focus is more on the festive programme with rides, a stage programme and the Easter Bunny, but there are a few cherry blossoms to be seen here too.

How the Cherry Blossoms Came to Berlin


the Bösebrücke between Prenzlauer Berg and Gesundbrunnen in spring

In Japan, cherry blossoms or "sakura" are an unmistakable symbol of the arrival of spring. They are supposed to bring peace and tranquility to people's hearts. In 1990, out of joy over the reunification of Germany, the Japanese television station TV-Asahi called for a fundraising campaign to collect money for the planting of Japanese cherry trees in Germany. Enough donations were collected for over 9,000 trees, a large portion of which came to Berlin. The first trees were planted in November 1990 at Glienicke Bridge, a symbolic site of German division. Today, many cherry trees can be found in the former border strip, as well as in parks and public facilities.

Cherry Blossoms in Berlin

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