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Senate discusses citizen's allowance and refugees in Berlin

Plenarsitzung Berliner Abgeordnetenhaus

View into the plenary hall of the Berlin House of Representatives.

Once again, the Berlin Senate will discuss the issue of Bürgergeld (citizen's allowance), which is to replace the current social benefit program Hartz IV.

At the Senate meeting on Tuesday, it will be discussed how the state should act if the mediation committee of the Bundestag and Bundesrat should make serious cuts to the previous plans. On Monday, the introduction of the citizen's allowance (Bürgergeld) as an alternative to Hartz IV planned by the traffic light coalition in the federal government failed in the Bundesrat. The mediation committee is to seek a compromise. Berlin is in favor of the Bürgergeld. However, the CDU and CSU oppose it, and the approval of CDU/CSU-governed states is required in the Bundesrat.

Discussion about current Covid situation

The Senate also wants to take another look at the Coronavirus situation: The extension of the current Infection Protection Ordinance, which expires on November 24, is pending. At present, there are no plans to abolish the mask mandate on public transport in Berlin or to make any serious changes to the ordinance elsewhere.

Refugee situation and energy security

The current situation regarding the arrival of refugees in Berlin is also to be a topic. According to Social Senator Katja Kipping, their accommodation is becoming increasingly difficult. Other topics of discussion are energy security in Berlin and preparations for a possible rerun of the elections following the ruling on this by the state constitutional court announced for Wednesday.

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Publication date: 15 November 2022
Last updated: 15 November 2022

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