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Portrait of Spandau

Eine S-Bahn fährt in Richtung Spandau

Residential Areas & Infrastructure

When it comes to residential areas, Spandau is quite diverse. Buildings range from the typical Berlin apartment buildings in Siemensstadt and the large housing estate Falkenhagener Feld to the villas and detached houses of the village-like neighborhoods Kladow and Gatow.  more

Spandau - Altstadt

District of Spandau

Hochhäuser und Fachwerkhäuser, Kirchen und Industrie: Der Ortsteil Spandau versprüht gleichzeitig kleinstädtisches, großstädtisches und mittelalterliches Flair.  more



Wilhelmstadt is defined by contrasts: modest old housing estates stand next to exclusive waterfront properties in this neighborhood in the heart of the Spandau district.  more

Falkenhagener Feld

Falkenhagener Feld

This large housing estate owes its existence to the housing shortage in West Berlin during the early 1960s. The natue of the Spektegrünzug in the south of the district offers opportunities for recreation.  more



Most people know about the Spandau Citadel, but few know that Haselhorst is also a great residential area for those in search of peace and quiet.  more

Siedlung Siemensstadt in Berlin


Once an industrial location rich in tradition, the neighborhood of Siemensstadt now offers housing estates in the "Neues Bauen" architectural style.  more

Staaken - Gartenstadt


Staaken used to be divided during the GDR era, but the neighborhood is growing together again. Beautiful old buildings meet new single-family homes and large housing estates in this part of Spandau.  more



Gatow offers quiet, upscale living in the southwest of Berlin. The heathland Gatower Heide, the Windmühlenberg nature reserve, and the banks of the Havel Rive offer plenty of nature and recreational value.  more

Anlegestelle Kladow


The suburb of Kladow in the very southwest of Berlin exudes rural charm. Magnificent villas stand next to detached houses, with plenty of greenery in between.  more


Spandau: Useful Information

An overview of the most important addresses in Spandau: local authorities, schools, hospitals, restaurants, tips for leisure activities and more.  more