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  • Wilhelmstadt

    Schulenburger Straße

  • Wilhelmstadt

    Ulmenstraße / Konkordiastraße

  • Wilhelmstadt


Wilhelmstadt is defined by contrasts: modest old housing estates stand next to exclusive waterfront properties in this neighborhood in the heart of the Spandau district.

The suburb of Wilhelmstadt stretches along Pichelsdorfer Straße, south of the old town of Spandau. Its northern boundary is Bullengraben and Ruhlebener Straße/ Charlottenburger Chaussee, its eastern boundary is Havelchaussee and Stößensee. In the south it is a line south of the Jaczo Tower, and the western boundary is Sandstraße.

Historic Buildings, Villas, and Single-Family Houses

Wilhelmstadt is dominated by closed housing estates with numerous, rather modest old buildings, shopping areas, and some industry north of Heerstraße. The southern part features mainly detached houses, villas, and a few old fishermen's cottages. Between Brunsbütteler Damm and Heerstraße is a large barracks area.

Old Buildings East of Wilhelmstraße

The area north of Heerstraße and east of Wilhelmstraße is a neighborhood made up of old buildings with a high population density, a multicultural flair, and many restaurants and shops. The green corridor at Bullengraben in the northwest has been transformed into a promenade. Lake Grimnitz in the south of the neighborhood is a designated landscape conservation area. The Südpark with its circular path around the large pond also offers opportunities for local recreation.

Pichelsdorf and Bocksfelde

Pichelsdorf is a former fishing village located on a peninsula jutting into the Havel River. On Heerstraße there are high-rise buildings with a great view of the water. South of them are single-family houses, numerous boat moorings, and a marina. The neighborhood Bocksfelde features several high-rise buildings towards Heerstraße. To the south there are allotment gardens bordered by a riverside promenade on Scharfe Lanke. From the promenade, the view extends across the water to the Grunewald Tower in the Wannsee district.

Pichelswerder and Tiefwerder

Pichelswerder is located on a headland opposite Pichelsdorf. The peninsula consists largely of a wooded nature reserve and its shore is used by rowing and sailing clubs. The part of Tiefwerder that belongs to Wilhelmstadt is criss-crossed by several watercourses and is therefore called "Little Venice of Spandau". There are a few houses in the area around the old village center as well as some dachas.

Seeburger Zipfel in the South

The so-called Seeburger Zipfel in the south of Wilhelmstadt includes irrigation fields and the housing estate Weinmeisterhöhe, which features the highest land prices in Spandau. Single-family homes and villas located on waterfront properties dominate in this southern part of the district. The Havel Dune is built up with villas. In the past, it was used for viticulture by local winemakers.

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