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    Kladow pier

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    Public transport ferry Wannsee-Kladow

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  • Kladow

    Kladow village church

  • Kladow

    Sakrower Kirchweg

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  • Museum auf Flugplatz Gatow

    Museum at Gatow Airfield

The suburb of Kladow in the very southwest of Berlin exudes rural charm. Magnificent villas stand next to detached houses, with plenty of greenery in between.

Like the neighboring district of Gatow, Kladow has a village-like character, but more people live here. The neighborhood offers different types of residential buildings, from magnificent waterfront villas and Finnish-style house from the late 1950s to modern prefabricated homes.

Village church, Villas, and Harbor Promenade

The old Kladow village center id still clearly visible. The Kladow village church in its present form was built at the beginning of the 19th century. A historic coopers' house is also still preserved. Towards the banks of the Havel, a settlement with prestigious villas and parks has developed. The riverside promenade and the nearby restaurants and beer gardens invite visitors to stroll and relax. The ferry to Wannsee S-Bahn station departs from the dock at the harbor. Groß Glienicke Lake is popular for swimming and bathing.

Finnish Housing Estate in Kladow

The Finnish housing estate (Finnenhaussiedlung) on both sides of Kladower Dam was built in 1958. Its 377 houses were built as a response to the housing shortage from wooden parts prefabricated in Finland and donated to the state of Berlin. There are three different types of houses here, but all of them are two-storey terraced houses with gable roofs and gardens. Since the owners were allowed to choose the color of the façade themselves, the housing estate is quite colorful.

Landstadt Gatow in the North of Kladow

An even newer housing estate is the Landstadt Gatow. It was built on a part of the former Gatow military airfield, but is located on Kladow territory. The housing estate includes single-family houses, terraced houses, and semi-detached houses. Mainly families live here. The corresponding infrastructure was planned at the same time: shopping facilities, daycare centres, schools, and playgrounds are located where the airstrip once stretched through the landscape.

Last edited: 28 July 2021

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