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  • Haselhorst

    Entrance to the Spandau Citadel

  • Haselhorst

    Spandau Citadel

  • Haselhorst - Wasserstadt: Quartier Haveleck

    Townhouses in Haselhorst

Most people know about the Spandau Citadel, but few know that Haselhorst is also a great residential area for those in search of peace and quiet.

The Haselhorst neighborhood lies east of the Havel River and has a small center. Spandau's most important monument, the Spandau Citadel, is located here. Haselhorst is surrounded by the waters of the Spree, the Havel, and the Spandau Ship Canal.

The southern part of this relatively modest part of Spandau is dominated by industrial and commercial areas and quite a few open spaces. The northern part, on the other hand, offers some quiet residential areas. These include the housing estate Reichforschungssiedlung around Gartenbergstraße and Daumstraße, which features four-storey low-rise buildings, terraced houses from the post-war period, and lots of greenery.

Water City Spandau on the Banks of the Havel

Parts of the new residential quarter Water City Spandau (Wasserstadt Spandau) are also located in Haselhorst. Its houses are being built on both sides of the Havel, i.e. not only in Haselhorst but also in Hakenfelde. More than 2000 rental apartment and social housing units are currently being constructed. In between, community gardens and commercial space are planned.

Pulvermühle Quarter

The former small housing estate Haselhorst with its modest two-storey houses with front gardens had to make way for the Pulvermühle Quarter. Now the area consists of modern five- to seven-storey apartment blocks with clinker brick facades and two public parks. The name of the new neighborhood is derived from the old powder mill that once produced gunpowder for Prussian cannons. Krienicke Park offers a small bathing area on the Havel River while Grützmacher Park features a large playground.

Haveleck and Garden Quarter

There is still a lot of unused building land in the Haveleck neighborhood, and little construction has happened here so far. Projects that have already been realized include the Berlin Terraces Haveleck - townhouses on Schwielowseestraße situated on the waterfront. The imposing Havel promenade is in the immediate vicinity. In the eastern part lies the Garden Quarter (Gartenviertel), a housing estate of 160 terraced and semi-detached houses.

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