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Bei Künstlicher Intelligenz geht es nicht nur um Algorithmen und Daten, sondern darum, unsere Welt mit visionären Ideen und vielfältigen Teams neu zu gestalten.

Als Jury für die Kategorie KI beim Deep Tech Award 2024 bringen Fabian Westerheide von der Asgard Capital Verwaltung GmbH, Theresa Züger vom AI & Society Lab und Franziska Weindauer vom TÜV AI.Lab ihr Wissen ein. Worauf achten sie bei herausragenden Einreichungen und wie sehen sie die Zukunft der KI in unserer Gesellschaft? Tauchen Sie ein in ihre Expertenperspektiven und entdecken Sie die Kriterien, die die nächste Innovationswelle bestimmen werden.

1. Was ist Ihnen bei Einreichungen für den Deep Tech Award wichtig?

Jury AI Fabian Westerheide

“When evaluating entries for the Deep Tech Award, the team’s vision is particularly important to me. I am impressed when the teams show how they want to make the world a little better with their company. Equally important are the company’s previous successes and traction, including early customers, product development and revenue generated. The diversity of the team in terms of culture, education and background should also not be underestimated. This diversity can lead to unique solutions and innovations.”

- Fabian Westerheide, CEO of Asgard Capital Verwaltung GmbH

2. What constitutes a Deep Tech innovation for you?

Jury AI Theresa Züger

“In general, what makes a deep tech innovation for me is that, in the best case, there is a vision for social change behind a project. At the very least, it should be clear what problem a project is trying to solve and how technology can be used in a precise, human-centered and sustainable way. New technology by itself is not innovation. Innovation comes from human contextual knowledge and the ability to rethink or adapt what already exists in a way that makes our world a better place.”

- Theresa Züger, Head of the AI & Society Lab of the Alexander von Humboldt Institute for Internet and Society

3. Why is Berlin the right place to develop Deep Tech?

Jury AI Franziska Weindauer

“Berlin thrives as a powerhouse for deep tech development due to its vibrant ecosystem, drawing top-tier talent globally. Leading-edge research institutions and universities foster collaboration between industry and academia, fueling innovation power in Berlin’s investment climate. Its cultural diversity and openness cultivate an environment ripe for creativity and idea exchange. Berlin emerges as the nexus where groundbreaking technologies flourish, transforming concepts into tangible solutions that combine trustworthiness, quality, and innovative strength.”

- Franziska Weindauer, Managing Director of TÜV AI.Lab

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