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Competition call for the Deep Tech Award

Deep Tech Berlin is the campaign of the Senate Department for Economics, Energy, and Enterprises and has been conducted since 2015. Its aim is to support Berlin-based companies in the fields of Artificial Intelligence, Web3: DLT, Blockchain, NFT & Metaverse, Sustainable & Social Impact, Robotics, Photonics, and Quantum Technologies while promoting Berlin as a national and international Deep Tech hub. The highlight of the campaign is the Deep Tech Award.

This award is a recognition given for outstanding achievements and innovations in the realm of advanced and transformative technologies.

We are searching for solutions/products in the following five technology and application areas:

  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Photonics and Quantum Technologies
  • Robotics
  • Sustainable & Social Impact
  • Web3.0 – DLT, Blockchain, NFT & Metaverse

More information about each of these categories and “participation requirements can be found on the Deep Tech Award page.

The focus of the award is on solutions and products with a connection to Berlin, meaning that the solutions/products were (mostly) developed in Berlin.

Apply here!

Yair Kira, CEO and Founder of Yonicore by CoreCreation UG, Deep Tech Winner 2023

“The Berlin deep tech landscape is incredibly rich in great companies and ideas – networking with others is truly the best thing here. Especially and especially through formats like the Deep Tech Award, which we really appreciate.”

- Yair Kira, CEO und Gründer von Yonicore by CoreCreation UG, Deep Tech Gewinner 2023

  • What does 'Deep Tech' mean?

    Deep Tech developments are based on scientific and technical breakthroughs and typically involve extended research and development phases. They emerge at the intersection of scientific research and the business world.

    Deep Tech companies develop novel devices, algorithms, prototypes, or products based on these scientific and technical breakthroughs, often with a high technical risk that they may not work.

    Due to their extensive research and development phases, Deep Tech products are better protected from competition imitation compared to conventional products. Deep Tech technologies are cutting-edge technologies with disruptive potential but are sometimes undervalued and often need to prove market demand.

    [1] Derived from Deep Tech according to “Deep Tech Guide 2022” by Prof. Dr. Bastian Halecker and “The European Deep Tech Report 2023” by, Lake Star, Walden Catalyst.
  • Deep Tech Location Berlin

    A Leading Hub for Innovation Nationwide

    Berlin is establishing itself as a hotspot for Deep Tech technologies. These technologies, as keys to innovation, productivity growth, and economic expansion, drive the future of prosperity and employment.

    Economic Growth and Location Advantages in Berlin

    As an open, youthful, and dynamic metropolis, Berlin offers optimal conditions for various Deep Tech technology fields, including Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Blockchain, with an international pool of software and development specialists, as well as engineers. In 2022, Berlin alone hosted an impressive number of 276 companies in the field of Artificial Intelligence. These companies were not only economically successful but also provided a total of 6,797 jobs in the years 2020-2022. Similarly, in the field of Blockchain technology, Berlin has shown dynamic growth, with 124 companies establishing themselves in the city in 2022. From 2020-2022, these companies provided a total of 1,006 jobs. These growing sectors significantly contribute to Berlin’s economic strength and innovation capability. Despite challenges such as lengthy development processes and high innovation costs, the increasing demand for Deep Tech products and solutions is an important driver of growth for the city.

  • Categories and Global Attraction

    Berlin attracts tech talents from around the world who achieve impressive successes in key areas such as Artificial Intelligence, Web3: DLT, Blockchain, NFT & Metaverse, Sustainable & Social Impact, Robotics, as well as Photonics and Quantum Technologies. With its vibrant scene, Berlin is a hotspot for innovation and entrepreneurship in the Deep Tech field. Here, visionary ideas and practical implementation come together to shape and advance the future with new technologies. You can find more information about the categories here.

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Deep Tech Award

You can find information about the categories in which you can submit and the participation requirements here. More information


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Do you know a Berlin-based company with an innovative Deep Tech product? Nominate it for the Deep Tech Award 2024! We will get in touch with the nominated company afterward. More information

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