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JURY VOICES: Photonics and Quantum Technologies

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Gain insight into the Photonics/Quantum Technology category of the Deep Tech Award from the perspectives of jury members Dr. Markus Krutzik, Dr. Gabriella Thomas and Dr. Mathias Petri.

Explore whether your project meets the criteria for excellence in this cutting-edge field and discover what distinguishes exceptional submissions.

1. What is important to you in submissions for the Deep Tech Award?

Jury Dr. Markus Krutzik P&Q

“I am looking for submissions that are technologically impressive and based on novel scientific principles. I look forward to meeting finely tuned teams whose ventures are based on high-tech innovation and who clearly demonstrate how they intend to scale to ensure sustainable success and future viability. It is wonderful that the DeepTech Award gives young companies and emerging start-ups the recognition and visibility they need.”

- Dr. Markus Krutzik, Ferdinand-Braun Institute, Humboldt University in Berlin, and Quantum Hub Leap

2. What constitutes a Deep Tech innovation for you?

Dr. Gabriella Thomas P&Q

“Deep tech innovations are technologies or solutions developed on the basis of extensive scientific or technical research. Their development is usually associated with a high level of risk, but the enormous potential they offer outweighs the risks to some extent. Those who drive these developments can be seen as visionary, but also as reckless in the early stages! It takes a lot of courage to develop or invest in deep tech innovations, so I have a lot of respect for those who take the plunge.”

- Dr. Gabriella Thomas, Group Leader Marketing Menlo Systems GmbH

3. Why is Berlin the right place to develop Deep Tech?

Dr. Mathias Petri P&Q

“Berlin offers an ideal microcosm of research and business to develop ideas – also in connection with funding – and ideally to raise venture capital in the next step.”

- Dr. Mathias Petri, Co-Founder und CSMO Anaqor AG, Stellv. Managing Director SIBB e.V.

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